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 Bonnie and John believe: "Reading with your child or grandchild not only entertains them, it can strengthen the bonds between you. We also want to encourage everyone to live your dream. Age doesn't have to sideline you from living to your fullest capacity." While in Africa in 2013, John climbed up Mount Kilimanjaro when he was 77-years-old. At the time he was the second oldest man to reach the top of the second tallest mountain in the world. 

Valerie Bouthyette is known for her prolific, award-winning art and dazzling illustrations that have entertained children all over the United States and Europe. She has a degree in Graphic Design from SUNY Farmingdale and has worked in that field for more than twenty-five years. Valerie currently owns her own illustration business, with a true dedication to children's books. She has over 100 illustration titles on Amazon.com.

  Mary Scobey                       FutureWord Publisher
  Author and Publisher            Cheryl Haynes                           Taneytown City Councilman
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  1. Dark Republic
    By Joe Vigliotti (Author), September 2015

    ​Washington, D.C. - It is the summer of 1979. What remains of the United States is reassembling itself after a nuclear war with the now-vanquished Soviet Union. Detective Benjamin Fuller is called to investigate the murder of 
    by Joe Vigliotti  Feb.2016

    A collection of short stories that includes:

    -A young rancher who communicates with his neighbor by posted signs, only for his neighbor to one day mysteriously stop replying.

    and much more!
    Meet the Author 
    Meet the Author 
  2. One May Weekend Third Edition
    Settle for Best: Satisfy the Winner You Were Born to Be
    One May Weekend Third Edition Paperback – February 6, 2014
    by Joe Vigliotti  (Author)

     It is May,1968. The counterculture has swept across the United States, and the antiwar movement is raging. James Carroll, a deeply conservative New York City police officer, is both angered and saddened by the excesses of those on the Left whom have come to camp out and protest in Central Park...
    by Kristine M. Smith (Jul 2, 2012)

    Loosely based on Napoleon Hill's seminal title, Think and Grow Rich, Settle for Best lists the common mindsets and actions of renowned philanthropist millionaires from the early 20th century and encourages readers to develop and rely on the skills and mindsets that successful people still use to win big, no matter what shape the economy is in..
    Meet The Author
    Meet The Author
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